Full Wraps or Dips

PlastiDip Training by Casewraps.  Watching trainee do roof under watchful eye

PlastiDip Training By Casewraps – Matte Black Truck

Contact us for some PlastiDip training - Do up your first vehicle with myself with you the whole time, spraying, show you examples, and at different times having you spray parts yourself under my watchful eye...

Custom Pearl PlastiDip on New Kia Soul

Did up a Custom mix of The Teal/Gold Pearl along with some Silver Graphite for a custom pearl shoot.  Did a few gallons of Clear over the white, then a few gallons of clear with the pearlizers mixed...
FINISHED - Wrap and PlastiDip Chrome Rims/Bumpers

Matte Black Wrap and Plasti Dip over Chrome and Rims

Did the majority of the Gloss Black Pickup in Matte Black 3M 1080 Wrap.  Left the Chrome Bumpers to PlastiDip and did the Rims after the Wrap. Everything Matches great and looks great.  Went into the Sema in...